Goromi-TV 撮りためた千以上のビデオを気ままに閲覧する方法

Goromi-TV - Exploration for thousands of Recorded TV programs at will



大坪五郎 Goro Otsubo (株)デンソーアイティーラボラトリ DENSO IT Laboratory, Inc


Since capacity of hard disk increased and hard disk recording device become very popular, we can store more than thousands of tv programs locally. However, the way to browse those vidos has not change much. In most cases, hierachical menu or keyword search is used. Considering the fact that the user in front of TV set usually does not have clear demand in their mind, these interfaces which assumes the user has clear demand, are not appropriate. In this paper, we proposed Gromi-TV which enable the user to browse more than thousands of recorded TV programs at will. We conducted brief user test, and observed that the system can effectively support browsing activity of user, and also support to encounter the unexpected TV programs.