Willustrator: Web上での協同イラストレーション

Willustrator: Cooperative Illustration on the Web



神原 啓介 Keisuke Kambara 慶應義塾大学大学院 政策・メディア研究科 Graduate School of Media and Governance, Keio University
安村 通晃 Michiaki Yasumura 慶應義塾大学 環境情報学部 Faculty of Environmental Information, Keio University


A lot of information is exchanged and shared on the Web. Now it is easy to write texts and upload photoes by using Blog or Wiki. But when we edit and publish illustrations, it requires many processes, for example using a graphics software on a PC, converting to PNG or JPEG, uploading image files to a server and managing them. In addition, it is difficult to edit other people's illustrations, because generally files in original formats are not on the Web. We want to edit illustrations more easily like using Blog or Wiki, because there are informations that can be expressed better using illustrations. We propose a web-based drawing tool called Willustrator. A user can publish images more easily, reuse other people's images and draw images co-operationg with others.


Willustrator, Blog, Tag, Illustration, タグ, イラスト, ドローツール