Enzin: 情報の公開範囲を手軽に変更できるコミュニケーションツール

Enzin: A Communication Tool with Instant Access Control



永田周一 Shuichi Nagata 慶応義塾大学大学院 政策・メディア研究科 Graduate School of Media and Governance, Keio University
安村通晃 Michiaki Yasumura 慶応義塾大学 環境情報学部 Faculty of Environmental Information, Keio University


People enjoy online communication with various tools; email for one-to-one communication, mailing lists or groupware for group communication, and weblog for WWW communication, etc. However shifting from one tool to another is not easy. In this paper, we propose a novel communication tool called Enzin in which users can control access permission of documents only by using drag-and-drop of icons. With Enzin, users can communicate with individuals or groups more flexibly by changing permission at any time, even after publishing documents. Enzin system visualizes scope of access permission by concentric circles. Users can simply put the "Internet" icon into the access control circle to publish their documents on WWW. Our goal is to integrate interfaces for online communication, and to bridge the usability gap between current systems.